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Thoughts of Las Vegas

It was 2:00 a.m. when John hit “send” on his computer. An image of his e-mail flying out into cyberspace came up in his mind, evoking a small grin. His mind kept looking at this image, noticing what thoughts accompanied it.

‘Cyberspace looks the same in my mind as the idea that there is only “One Mind,” he noticed. ‘My e-mail is like my voice in the “One Mind” – what I am thinking or saying resonating not only with those I happen to include in the address line of the e-mail, but also with all “parts” of the collective consciousness. It is as though what I say and do and think becomes part of the “all of it.”’

The next image that arose was of the Earth, turning slowly, and his e-mailed thoughts spreading out across the space around the Earth – the Earth turning towards his thoughts, absorbing them into the collective, and making them accessible to anyone who happened to be on the same wavelength. ‘It is already 5:00 a.m. on the East Coast,’ he continued the line of thought, ‘and people are waking up and maybe reading their e-mails’ Another image, a morphing of the previous one, looked like lights coming on as the Earth turned – first on the East Coast, and then following the great revolution of the planet, lights blinking on in the Midwest, and then the Plains, the Mountains, and finally the West Coast, where John sat in Las Vegas, in what seemed to be a particular time and place. ‘Yet somehow what I am thinking and saying and doing is spreading out across the entire consciousness – and not just in the United States, either.’

Again, the image in John’s mind morphed – becoming an image of the Earth with lines of light connecting dots of lights – each point of light (“A thousand points of light” – smile) representing a mind, an awareness. The lines of light looked like an airline route map, but with many more destinations. “Fiber optic communication lines” came as a thought in John’s awareness. ‘The lines of light are connecting all thoughts, everywhere. All communication is simultaneous. That is why someone in Timbuktu can have the same idea that I am having at the same time in a different place. It is all just thought in the One Mind!’ Even in his mind, this thought carried an exclamation point. It was like a revelation – a light coming on in his mind. This thought, too, evoked a smile in John’s mind, even though the smile wasn’t actually on his face. ‘As I light up in my mind, I become part of the light of the planet, the “Light of the World!”’ Again, a smile. ‘My thoughts, my words, my voice – where I hold my attention or awareness – may just be affecting the One Awareness of the planet. In effect, my story becomes part of “The Story” – lighting up some part of the One Mind, carrying a vibration of thought and light with it, spreading out across the Mind as the world turns in its sleep – ever turning towards the Light.’

The smile was evident on his face now, as John rolled these thoughts in his mind, continuing to look at them in his mind’s eye, watching the lines of light coursing with energy and vibration as they carried awareness to awareness, as ideas went from one bright city to another. ‘What message is being sent from the light of Las Vegas?’ This thought took the smile from John’s face, as he realized that in some way he represented the light of Las Vegas. It was sobering to think that his own thoughts could have an effect on thoughts everywhere – that what he looked at – what he gave attention and awareness to was somehow reflected in all awareness. ‘Too much responsibility, there.’ John tried to blank his mind, to find a peaceful place in it, a place of quiet and solitude. There was some small peace to be found in the stillness of his mind, but the idea of “solitude” wouldn’t take hold – immediately he saw the stillness in his mind radiating out across the planet. Then he noticed that the feeling of “smileness” had returned of its own accord, connected somehow with the idea of “stillness” of the mind. ‘I am at choice in what I look at, but not necessarily at choice in the effects of any thought I hold.’ The stillness in John’s mind was being disturbed by new thoughts, like pebbles being dropped into still water, the ripples radiating out from the source of thought. ‘My purpose in this life is to radiate peace and joy and love.’ This was a large pebble, but it didn’t splash into the surface of his mind so much as it seemed to come up from the depths of the pool, breaking to the surface of awareness like a bubble, then “popping” to release its energy, the energy of an idea riding out across the ripples of thought in John’s mind, in the One Mind.

Smiling, John turned to look once again at the keyboard of the laptop computer on the table. ‘Every letter is just a symbol of an idea in my mind, rising to the surface to be shaped, type-cast, imagined – an image of thought rising like feeling from some unknown source. ‘I am a conduit,’ John thought, ‘a channel of awareness, allowing the Source of What IS to flow through me, shaping it as it flows, making “sense” of it – energy becoming sensation – sensation becoming thought – thought becoming word, ‘and the Word was made flesh.’ “Smileness” was rising again. The idea of “responsibility” for his choice of thought brought not retraction this time but instead a sense of expansion, of desiring to join with the “All of it” – to acknowledge being part of the One, giving “smileness” by his very noticing of the idea – spreading the idea by his expression of it in his experience. ‘And it IS good!’

Peace of mind returned unannounced. John sat quietly in the dark, unaware of the time, no longer concerned with that concept, unaware even of the turning of the Earth. He was at peace in the world. His hand reached up and pulled the laptop screen down, closing the computer. He didn’t need it at this moment – he was communicating his message without using words. ‘I am the message,’ John smiled, ‘and I am the messenger. The message and the messenger are One.’

He rose from the table, then, and walked to his bed, knowing that he would dream, and that his dream would connect him to every dream being dreamed.

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ~William Jennings Bryan


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