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Every moving object has resonance. Resonance is a naturally occurring frequency or vibration. I have one. You have one. This café frother has one. [Turn on frother a moment or two. Bent shaft makes it slightly wobbly and spin elliptical].

When this frother is operating at its natural amplitude of vibration, it is at its most efficient. If the shaft is even slightly bent, the energy of it is dispersed and it is not so efficient. [Turn on frother]. But notice that if I apply enough force to align the energy, [push shaft near end with index finger – frother “tunes” itself” and runs smoothly and at higher rpm] it becomes extremely efficient and will actually accomplish easily what it was intended to do.

Each of us has a natural frequency or vibration. Maybe this is a metaphor and maybe it isn’t. Obviously our voices has a timbre or vibrational frequency that seems natural [vocalize an ‘ah’ naturally] or maybe not so natural [vocalize abnormal pitch].  We also hear or differentiate different vibrations. If someone is tuning a guitar – we hear it go from “out of tune” to a more pleasant, resonant sound, don’t we?

If I strike this bell, it seems to put out a rather pleasant and resonant sound [strike bell]. If I hold it incorrectly, dulling its resonance, it does not ring so true nor sound so well. Eckhart Tolle, who espouses ‘living in the moment, in the “Now”,  uses a sound like this in his recorded material to emphasize when it is time to clear the mind and look at a new thought.

Resonance. Vibrationally in tune [ring bell]. Aligned with “Purpose”.

How does this have anything to do with Purpose? Who has ever wondered if there is a Purpose in this life? Is there maybe something that I am to do? Some greater concept of “who I am” and “what I was intended to do” in this life?

I’m here to tell you that you may or may not ever discover the answer to this question [long pause].

In my own experience, every time I thought I had it all figured out… I didn’t. There was always something new to surprise my reasoning mind. Something new that seemed to resonate with me, with what I already thought I knew. Yes, the Universe seems to bring things into our lives aligned with our resonance.

Our personal resonance. Our environment growing up might be a part of our “personal resonance”. But we can change that if it wasn’t so pleasant, can’t we? We decide to change our idea of “who we are”. “I am not my past!” We set our intention to align with an idea of “who we think we really are”, and our lives move in that direction, and as our vibrational field changes, our experience changes, too. String Theory says simply this: All life is energy – vibrational strings of energy – form occurs when intention is exerted on this energy. Our intention for our lives creates our experience [long pause].

If there is Purpose to it, it must be inherent in our natural vibration. When we are “in tune” [strike bell], we resonate with our natural intention and our natural purpose. How do we know if we are “in tune”? We can hear it, can’t we [muffle bell]. We can feel it. We can see it in our experience.

This frother tells me every morning to apply intention to my life [‘tune’ frother with finger], to align with my natural vibration. And that vibration – is towards Love.

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